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Mun Name: Bunny
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Other Characters: Oswald and Arthur

Name: The Once-ler
From: The Lorax

Age: 21 years old
Gender: Male

Personality: The Once-ler is always trying to prove himself and gain approval from the world. When others disagree with him, or simply outright don't believe what he's doing is right, he has a tendency to lash out in anger. Of course, when he himself realizes he is wrong, the exact opposite happens, and he hides from his problems, locking himself away in a room. When neither of these things are happening though he's actually quite friendly, and won't mind making giant stacks of pancakes to share, or playing a game of cards, or whatever. He has a lot of 'feminine' hobbies and habits, but will be very quick to deny they are unmanly at all, even when by himself.

Backstory: The Once-ler grew up in the countryside with his mother, aunt, uncle, and two brothers. None of these people were anything that might be considered supportive. At all. Whenever something he did failed, it was expected, and even if he succeeded in something, it still wasn't good enough. So naturally he leaped at the first chance he got to go out and make his way in the world. He had plans to invent something called a Thneed (a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need, you know), so early one morning he loaded up his cart and he and his mule Melvin set out.

It took a long time of traveling, but finally they came across what could only be described as a paradise. A valley full of beautiful Truffula Trees -- exactly what Oncie had been searching for to make his Thneed. He quickly unloaded his things and chopped down one of the trees. This woke up the guardian of the forest, the Lorax, a small, orange fuzz-ball with a voice that was sharpish and bossy. The Lorax wasn't pleased that the Once-ler had so carelessly chopped down a tree, and made that very clear that night when he, with the help of the forest animals, nearly killed the Once-ler by tossing his bed in the river. The river that ends in a giant waterfall. Oops.

After being successfully rescued from the waterfall, the Lorax convinced the Once-ler to promise not to chop down any more trees. Things were great for a while. The Once-ler and the Lorax even formed a loose friendship. Once word got out how great Thneeds were though, everything changed. The Once-ler invited his family to the valley to help knit the Thneeds. After harvesting the Truffula Tufts proved difficult, his mother talked him into cutting the trees down again. Eager to please his family and maintain the support he suddenly had from them, he agreed -- breaking his promise to the Lorax.

Everything was downhill from there. The Once-ler's business thrived, growing into a multi-million dollar industry, but at the cost of the environment. The Once-ler's pride kept getting the better of him, and despite the Lorax's complaints, he kept on biggering and biggering his business. He told himself it was okay, that he wasn't really doing anything wrong. He wasn't breaking the law or anything, right? Clearly the Lorax was just jealous that the Once-ler was finally succeeding in life.

... But then the very last Truffula Tree fell. There were no more trees, which meant no more Thneeds. The Once-ler's family left, again disappointed in him. The animals left, unable to survive in the polluted environment. Even the Lorax left, lifting himself and flying away through a hole in the smog. All alone, the Once-ler finally realized he was wrong. He locked himself up in his house where all he could see out his wonder was a barren wasteland and a pile of rocks that said 'UNLESS'. Whatever the Lorax had meant by that cryptic message, well, the Once-ler just couldn't guess.

Moral Standing: He's not... the worst person ever? He wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone, not now anyway, but he does tend to overlook ...everything... out of self-interest.
Dreams: He has a lot of regret that he doesn't know how to deal with. If he could he would snap his fingers and undo all the bad things he did, but he knows he can't. He even underestimates his own ability to repair things. If he screwed up this much to begin with, why would he think he could possibly fix anything? So there's that. He wants someone to believe in him again, even though he doubts that will ever happen.
Fears: That things will never get better, and the Lorax and all the wildlife will never come back.
Extra: ... Can't think of anything.
Character Location: His house/Lerkim. I'll get some better pictures of it for his location post, but in the mean time:


Writing Sample: http://dear-mun.dreamwidth.org/961351.html


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